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What the hell is ServerKiller (more on DeadFlower also), when you leave this page you should know.

 Starting back in January 23rd, 2005 when I was just a n00b on Counter Strike: Source (CS:S), by the term n00b I mean just started playing CS:S, I began with the name §ERVERKILLER and it's been with me the whole time, I would occasionally switch my nicknames around but it was always mainly §ERVERKILLER.

 After experiencing with CS:S whole lot more I wanted a clan called §ERVERKILLER§ (§K§) but I decided not to after playing a lot more and looking into other clans to join, I thought of a few but then I just played out of one.

 In summer of 2006 I started working with a program called FL Studio and mastered it and am now working on many songs to be hosted on here.  After the summer ended I began focusing on other things and had a huge break.

 Starting in October of 2007 I  thought to myself that I've always wanted my own website with forums just for the heck of it, no matter if it's popular or not it's a pit stop for me and anyone else to come. So I went through numerous amounts of names. I thought about DeadFlower because my friends called me that one time just playing around and actually made the pseudocode of this site with that name but I set up my old computer for this hosting and thought about getting on steam and updating everything and remembered about §ERVERKILLER, and I knew that that's what I wanted and re-did this site before I published it on December 2nd. Re-named myself on steam to Serverkiller so it would be easier for people to find me without that "§" in the name.

 Now I have a complete website and forums like I've always wanted and it's still being updated constantly an d still love CS:S!

 Maybe in the future I'll start a clan... Serverkillers.


 So who is SK and why is the site named DeadFlower and whats DF Day?

 Well, to start out, you should already know how Serverkiller (SK) originated and basically know what it is. But who is SK... SK is Devon. That's my RL name, and I named this site DeadFlower because well I can and I did but how it originated is a different story, DF Day is basically DeadFlower Day or Devon's birthday, my birthday, first DF Day ever was on 12/02/2007, or the official opening of